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Black Rose Car Fragrance

As one of our most popular new products, this little vial of fragrance is perfect to fragance your car but also so much more! Hang it from your rearview mirror, set it in your, bathroom, bedroom, office, or wherever you need a hit of fragrance. It's like having a lit candle nearby without the flame. 


Perfect for dorm rooms or wherever you're not allowed to burn candles, especially in your car!


This scent isn't your grandma's rose fragrance! Forget the scent of old potpourri, this is a beautiful black rose scent that perfectly captures the aroma of a freshly picked rose in the peak of bloom. 

Black Rose Car Fragrance

  • Just before first use, remove plastic cap inside and discard. Replace wooden top on the glass  bottle and hold upside down for a few seconds until oil slightly darkens the wood on the very top. Hang in your car or room. To refresh fragrance, invert again for just a few seconds.


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