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The Story of Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet Body Care started in 2019 in Southern California and came about because we simply couldn’t find small batch sugar scrubs at a fair price in a scent we loved. If it was a great scent, the price was too high. If the price was reasonable, the scent was lacking and didn’t inspire us to buy it.

We had been looking for gifts for Mother’s Day for mom and mom figures, and after posting on Facebook for last minute Mother’s Day gift options, we had so many orders and then repeat customers from our new sugar scrub fans. Then, so many people said the scent was so good that they wanted to eat the body scrubs, we developed a new line of 100% edible Lip Scrubs. Those sold out immediately, and we decided to open a business since we were having so much fun making these products and they brought so much joy to our new scrubs’ supporters.

Since then, we have also developed a line of other body products to coordinate with the Body Scrubs, such as Lotions, Body Oils,Bath Soaks, Candles, and more, all in the same intoxicating fragrances our customers love! You can find all our new and original products right here on our website, or custom create something all your own.

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What is Custom Body Care?

We make scrubs, lotions, candles, car fragrances, beard oils, body oils, perfumes, essential oil rollers, soaps, and more in the fragrance and color you love! We have over 70 fragrances in our mobile workshop and so many more available to ship as well. Preset and premade body care products are overrataed - why not have something custom made for you today?

Why is it called Short & Sweet?

In April 2022, we debuted our 22 ft school bus Little Blu where we custom make body care products at local markets and also make your orders to ship! This has been the dream since the idea of starting the business, and even before the name Short & Sweet Body Care came about.

We also call it "Sweet" because I (Laura) have a major food allergy that prevents me from eating most desserts, a lot of foods, and some drinks. Many of our products are in sweet scents like Cookie Butter, Cake Batter, Sugared Donut, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, which I can't eat without getting really sick or ending up in the hospital. When I make or use the products in those sweet scents, I don't feel like I'm missing out as much!

Little Blu

Who Runs Short & Sweet?

My name is Laura Meier and I created Short & Sweet with the help of my mom, best friend, my mom’s best friend, and a bunch of my coworkers as smell testers and guinea pigs for my products.

I’ve always had a passion for body care products, as evidenced by my bathroom’s overflowing cabinets of soaps, scrubs, face masks, bath bombs, samples of everything under the sun, and a ton of body oils and lotions. Though I originally started making my Body Scrubs as gifts, I turned it into a business using my experience from previous jobs in customer service, marketing, creating websites, and previously running an event planning business. My other interests include travel, margaritas, long naps, farmer’s markets, bike rides by the beach, and having seriously smooth legs (thank goodness for body scrubs!).

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