Unicorn Sparkle Body Scrub

Unicorn Sparkle is a delightful and sparkling blend of sweet pineapple and yummy cotton candy to whisk you back to the pinnacle of childhood. Forget how growing up was the worst mistake you've made and scrub all your worries away with silver glitter crystals and whimsical colors.


Blue and Purple are layered with silver glitter crystals for sparkle and extra exfoliation.


Available in 3, 4, and 5 oz glass containers. Contact for other custom sizes.


Unicorn Sparkle Body Scrub

  • Remove a small amount appropriate for the area to be scrubbed (about a tablespoon is appropriate per leg for adults) and place in plastic container to take into the shower with you. Shower as normal or wet area to be scrubbed,wipe off excess moisture with your hands, then gently exfoliate with scrub. Rinse well. Works best when followed by a body oil or lotion like our Short & Sweet Body Oil and Lotion in a coordinating scent.

    Do not take scrub into shower (sugar and water = melted sugar scrub!). Do not use a glass container in the shower or bath as it may break. Use caution after scrubbing, as oil may make tub or shower floor slippery.

    Works well as a hand scrub on its own or followed by a lotion for extra moisture.