Spray Tan Maintenance Kit

Just got out of the spray booth and don't know what to do to make your glow last as long as possible? We've made just the bundle for you!


Our Spray Tan Maintenance Kit includes:

  • A fluffy Coconut Bath Whip (regularly $12.50) for a creamy alternative to shower gel that will take your bath or shower to the next level. Can also be used as a foamy shave cream straight out of the jar.
  • Two Gummy Bear Shave Bars (regularly $5) for a delightful and package free shave experience. Just wet down your legs (and underarms), then rub on like a bar soap for a creamy and smooth shave.
  • A 2.7oz Body Oil (regularly $9.06) for the easiest moisturizing straight out of the shower. It couldn't be any easier: just before stepping out of the shower (after turning off the water), spray over legs, arms, and torso and rub in well, like you would a lotion, then pat dry with a towel. You'll be super moisturized without having to rub in lotion forever!
  • A 3oz Body Scrub featuring citrus essential oils (regularly $8) to remove any leftover spray tan at the end of the week! Citrus works great to almost peel off the leftover color and the sugar will exfoliate dead skin cells to prepare you for your next round of tanning. Please note, this is an oil based exfoliant that is not to be used immediately prior to a fresh spray tan or the color won't stick as well. Leave plenty of time (at least a day) between using our body scrubs and spray tanning again.

Spray Tan Maintenance Kit

  • How to Use: Remove a small amount appropriate for the area to be scrubbed (about a tablespoon is appropriate per leg for adults) and place in plastic container to take into the shower with you. Shower as normal or wet area to be scrubbed, wipe off excess moisture with your hands, then gently exfoliate with scrub. Rinse well. Works best when followed by a body oil or lotion like our Short & Sweet Body Oil and Lotion in a coordinating scent.

    Do not take scrub into shower (sugar and water = melted sugar scrub!). Do not use a glass container in the shower or bath as it may break.

    Use caution after scrubbing, as oil may make tub or shower floor slippery.

    Works well as a hand scrub on its own or followed by a lotion for extra moisture.

    Cautions: Do not use if you have a sensitivity to the scent, almond oil, or any other ingredients, or have a nut (almond) allergy. If any sensitivity develops during use, stop use immediately.

    Do not use if you have cuts, open sores, sunburned, or irritated skin. Exfoliants are a natural skin irritant and the last thing healing wounds need is to be aggravated further. Get your scrub fix by using it on a different part of your body or just taking a big whiff of the delicious scent for now. Not recommended for facial exfoliation.

    Oils may make shower or tub slippery, use caution after exfoliating.

    Do Not Consume.

    Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils, May contain specialized coloring. Margarita scrub contains Pink Himalayan Salt.