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Scrub Shower Container
By now you probably know we recommend that you DON'T take your full scrub container in the shower with you because your scrub may melt with water or you might knock it over and the container could break. We have a solution!
We've finally found the supplier of the ones we use in the shower and we're excited to bring that product to you to add to your order right here!
This clear plastic container holds a little over 2oz, which is the perfect size for your scrub in the shower! Plus, no more worrying about dropping your scrub (what a mess!) or breaking the glass container (an even bigger mess). It also comes with a lid, so throw it in your travel bag for exfoliation away from home.
Remember, you only need to use a few tablespoons full of scrub each time you exfoliate. We also recommend you rinse out your container after every shower just to get the remaining sugar/oil out.

Scrub not included with Shower Container.

Scrub Shower Container

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