Sage & Citrus Soy Candle

One of our best selling scents, our Sage & Citrus hand poured soy candle is a down to earth blend of clary sage, lemon, & lime. If you're a sage fan, you'll love this fragrance!


You can also add your choice of crystals to embed in the top of the wax. Our current choices include light amethyst, dark amethyst, pink quartz, clear quartz, and a dark amethyst geode.


Photos shown are examples of previously made candles. Shade of wax color may vary slightly and any crystals shown are examples of the type of crystal you will receive if you order either dark purple amethyst, rose quartz, or geode. You will not receive these exact candles and crystal/geode shapes naturally vary.


We hand pour these 9 ounce soy candles with love and scent them strongly with the perfect amount of delicious smelling fragrance oils. Our small batch process begins by us hand selecting the perfect scents, then blending them with eco-friendly and clean burning soy wax when you order them. We use high quality ingredients and gorgeous reusable glass containers for the ultimate sustainable and luxurious candle burning experience.


Each candle has a 50 hour plus burn time when cared for properly. We only make your candle when your order it, so it'll be fresh and exactly to your specified fragrance. Each candle comes with a soy candle burn guide for tips on giving your candle its best and longest life possible.


Burn within sight and away from things that can catch fire, like curtains, blankets, pets, and children... and speaking from experience, away from hair and furniture.


We also offer a monthly candle subscription for 3, 4, 6, and 12 months, which can also be found here on our website or in our Etsy shop. We have curated each month's candles according to the season and have a variety of fragrances from fruity, floral, gourmand, wine, holiday, and more. All Subscription Candles do not include crystals.


Sage & Citrus Soy Candle

Price Options
One-time purchase
Candle of the Month
$18.00monthly/ auto-renew
Candle Subscription
3 Months of Candles
$18.00monthly/ 3 months
Candle Subscription
4 Months of Candles
$18.00monthly/ 4 months
Candle Subscription
6 Months of Candles
$18.00monthly/ 6 months
Candle Subscription
1 Year of Candles
$18.00monthly/ 12 months