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Build Your Own Bath Tea

We know you love custom body care, so we've taken that to a whole new level! Select your salts, base botanicals, blended botanicals, and extras to make a unique blend of bath tea. We'll mix it all up for you and package it in a muslin tea bag for the best bath ever!


Just throw the whole sealed bag in the tub (like you'd put a tea bag in a cup of tea), and remove when finished with your bath. Keeping it in the bag will allow the botanicals inside to seep out all their benefits and amazing scent, but keep the clean up afterwards super simple!

One use only. To get the most life out of your tea bag, you can use it to scent a drawer, your room, your car, or under your pillow for a week or two before your bath. Throw away entire bag after use in water.


Do not use/use with extreme caution during pregnancy. Some botanicals have potent effects on pregnancy (ex, raspberry leaf and others)

Build Your Own Bath Tea

  • Because each one of the blends that our customers create will naturally be unique, we won't accept returns in the case that you don't like the scent of your blend. Keep in mind the natural scents that dried flowers have and choose what you like best together or what botanical benefits you're looking for.

    Note that the more powerful certain benefits are, the more *ahem* fragrant some botanicals may be (looking at you, dried hops).

    We also do not claim that this bath tea will treat or cure any disease, condition, or other health problems. We have noticed improvements in certain conditions when using these products, but this is not a guarantee that it will work for every person or condition. To be used for self care, not medical care.

    Do not use/ use extreme caution during pregnancy. Certain botanicals are very potent even in small doses (ex, raspberry leaf and many others).

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