Body Oil

2.7oz Clear Mist Bottle


Our Body Oil is a luxurious alternative to moisturizers and lotions. We’ve tried everything, from lotions right after a shower, to in shower lotions, to lotions after drying off, and nothing compares to a body oil in the shower. Now it may seem like you’re using too many oils, especially right after a body scrub, but the results speak for themselves. You won’t feel oily at all, just well hydrated for long after a lotion would have worn off.


Also perfect for massage oil in home or professional massage use. Contact us for custom massage practice oils and lotions in larger sizes.


Settling of color is normal, just give the bottle a good shake!



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Body Oil

  • Our favorite way to use body oil is on freshly shaven legs just before stepping out of the shower. Ideally, shave with our shave cream, then scrub, then shave again sans shaving cream.

    Apply oil sparingly on damp legs (or arms, or practically any other part of the body), then pat dry. Remember, a little goes a long way!

    Can be used as a massage oil for home or professional practices.