Bath Bomb Donuts

We're famous for our donut bath bombs and they're finally online!


Includes one bath bomb. These sweet bath treats are the perfect addition to any bath time- for kids and adults! The bottom of the donut will fizz around the tub like a normal bath bomb, but the top frosting part will remain as a soap you can use to wash with!


We hand make these bath bombs with base ingredients we buy from the grocery store, so you can rest easy that they're safe for little one's sensitive skin. If you have any further concerns about the potentcy of the bath bombs or is you or your little one have any skin issues, you can always cut the bath bomb donut in half to dilute the bath water even further.


Can also be cut in fourths for a foot soak.



Bath Bomb Donuts

  • May take a few days to make these. Weather tends to influence how fast the bath bombs set and long it will take to finish them off with soap. We want to get them to you in perfect condition, so we can't rush the process!

    Please use within one month. Any discoloration is natural and due to either the bath bombs being close to each other and the dye transferring or the vanilla content in the fragrance slowly discoloring to its natural brown state.